Can You Guess The Singer?

there are many peope who listen to music. but are you a complete music lover?? well this quiz will slighty help you find out if you are or not. please rate and comment.:) thnks

now here what you do. first you read the lyrics given in the guestion. then you try to guess who sings that certian song. there are many choices but choose wisely.

Created by: Kayla Marie
  1. 'can we bring yesterday back around, cause i know how i feel about you now'
  2. 'lets drop, yea, come on, shakeshake, ill take you home if you dont leave me at the front door'
  3. 'i feel no shame, i proud of where i came, i was born rasied in the boondocks'
  4. 'I never felt nothing in the world like this before, now im missing you, wishing you would come back through my door'
  5. 'shadows feel a empty heart, as love is fadding'
  6. 'follow me into my world, let your worries fade with every step you take, baby what you waiting for'
  7. 'grew up in the small town and when the rain would fall id just stare out my window,dreaming of a could be,
  8. 'something happened for the first time deep inside, was a rush, what a rush,
  9. 'best thing about tonight that were not fighting, could it be that we have been this way before'
  10. 'theres people talking, they talk about me, they know my name they think they know everything'
  11. 'twoday in the blink of eye im holding onto something and i dont know why i try'
  12. 'cause i fell in love with the girl at the rockshow'
  13. 'i like where we are when we drive in your car, i like were we are, here
  14. 'she wears short skirts i wear t-shirts shes cheer captian and im on the bleachers.
  15. 'theres only two types of peope in the world, the ones that entertain adn the ones who observe'
  16. ive had a litte bit to much,much, all the people start to rush, start to rush babe, how does he twist a dance'
  17. 'and i will wak on water and you will catch me if i fall, and i wil get lost into your eyes and know everything will be alright, i know everything is alright'
  18. 'worlds are spinning around theres no sign of slowing down, so just takea breath, just take breath'
  19. 'im going to make you bend and break, say a prayer but let the good times rolls in case god doesnt show'
  20. 'sshh girl, shut your lips, do the helen keller and talk with your hips, sshh girl, shut your lips and do the helen keller and takl with you hips'

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Quiz topic: Can I Guess The Singer?