the KT Tunstall quiz!

This quiz is all about the life and music of the Scottish singer / songwriter KT Tunstall. The questions range from her personal life to her music and albums.

In this quiz, you will find out how much you know about KT Tunstall- it is designed to test your knowledge of the singer / songwriter and may include some questions you don't know!

Created by: Mel

  1. When was KT born?
  2. Where did KT move to in Scotland shortly after she was adopted?
  3. KT is half Scottish, half...
  4. Where was KT's first tv appearance?
  5. Which member of her band did KT marry in September 2008?
  6. Which of KT's albums was recorded in a living room?
  7. Which of KT's songs is played by her on piano?
  8. Which song of KT's appears in the opening sequence to 'The Devil Wears Prada'?
  9. Which member of her band did KT meet first?
  10. How many BRIT award nominations did KT recieve in January 2006?
  11. What number did Drastic Fantastic reach in the UK album charts?
  12. Which of Bloc Party's songs has KT covered at a live lounge?

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