How Well Do You Know Martin Garrix?

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Martin Garrix is a 21 year old (as of 2017), Dutch EDM music producer and DJ. He found his like for creating music when he saw Tiesto play at the Olympic Games held in Athens. After that, he never stopped.

In this quiz, there are 10 hand-picked questions about Martin Garrix, from both his personal and "musical" life. Only a true fan could answer all of them correctly. Are you on of them?

Created by: Jeeshan

  1. Let's start with the basics. What's the real name of Martin Garrix?
  2. Before appearing on the scenes, what did he actually do?
  3. Which song made him famous?
  4. Which song did he compose with Bebe Rexha?
  5. Which song did he compose with Troye Sivan?
  6. Where is he originally from?
  7. When is his birthday?
  8. What's the name of his own record label?
  9. Under which label did he release his epic, 'Animals'?
  10. Finally, how much is Martin Garrix worth?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Martin Garrix?