Just answer Truthfully... Learn something about you!

This quiz has the randomest questions, I know, but just answer them the way you would answer them if a fat man named Freddy Joe the third walked up to you and asked, "are you a pig?" Because you'll get a result at the end... I can't tell you what it is or you wont answer truthfully!

So, go ahead and take my quiz. I called it the Just answer truthfully quiz because I DIDN'T know what to call it! For more of my super cool quizzes, go to my website, cheazxballe.webs.com!

Created by: Sara Wilkins of this site
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  1. Are you a pig?
  2. Choose the one that you think is cool... you have three seconds!
  3. Are you tough?
  4. Choose the randomest answer!!!!!!!
  5. OMG!!
  6. I ate a goose yesterday.
  7. Are you random enough to answer this randomly?
  8. Do you like crayons?
  9. What letter does your crushes name start with?
  10. What letter does your name start with?
  11. Well well... Answer truthfully! Have you ever answered a number when someone asked you your favorite color?
  12. Are you going to answer no to this question?
  13. Hi oh hi oh Ya Ya Ya, I like to eat meatballs, yay yay, Do You?

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