Is ur guy really in love with you??

Do you think your guy is in love with you?? He may be... but he may not be! If your guy really loves you, you'd probally know... but if your trying to make sure or find out, then this is the quiz to take!

So does your guy love you??? Find out now... But, you'll only know the real answer if you answer the questions TRUTHFULLY! So, take the quiz truthfully and enjoy!!!!

Created by: kiana
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you know alot about ur boyfriend??
  2. Have you met any of his family members?
  3. Does he show pda around his friends?
  4. Where's the first place he will take you on a date??
  5. Does he remember your birthday?
  6. Does he get you gifts every now and then?
  7. Does he trust you?
  8. Do you trust him?
  9. If he saw you flirting with another guy, what would he do?
  10. Would he ever force you to have sex if you weren't ready?
  11. How often does he tell u "I love you"?
  12. Since you've been together, have you ever had the feeling that he's cheating on you?
  13. Does he believe in love?
  14. If you answered yes to number 14, who do you think he's cheating on you with?
  15. Finally, do you honestly and trully think he is in love with you??

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