Is It True Love?

Are you really in love with your boyfriend\girlfriend? do you think your ready to get married to him\her? If your not sure, then take this quiz. I know a lot about love. And i know what true love is. I found my true love. And she is the love of my life. Have you found your true love yet?

Some people think its true love. But most of the time its not. Take this quiz to find out if its really true love, or just a little crush. I know the difference. but some people get confused with true love and just a little crush.

Created by: Swimmy
  1. Would you still love the person if him\her was really ugly?
  2. If your a girl, and you just found out that your boyfriend wasn't really a boy. but really a girl. would you still be with him? (if your not a girl answer "Not A Girl"
  3. Now, if your a guy. And you just found out the girl you love is a man. would you still love him? (if your not a guy then press "Not A Guy")
  4. If you found someone that is better looking and more funny and interesting then who your with now, would you leave him\her for the other person?
  5. Does looks really matter to you?
  6. Do you really love him\her? (answer honestly.)
  7. If your a girl, and your boyfriend ask you if you would marry him, would you say yes? (if your not a girl click on "not a girl"
  8. If your a guy, would you ask your girlfriend to marry you? (if your not a guy click on "not a guy")
  9. Would you love him\her no matter what?
  10. If your a guy, Would you ever hit your girl? (if your not a guy then click on "Not a guy"
  11. If you were a girl, and your man ever hit you. would you still love him? (if your not a girl click on "not a girl")

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