Just another complicated love story: book 2

this is book 2. enjoy it while I make book 3.

Created by: Charlie the Unicorn

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  1. MORE IMPORTANT INFORMATION!! i just realized that I really writing these, so I may make one a little bit more often--but at a minimum I'll make one once a week. Once again, all straight guys leave. Then, "______" means insert name here. Lastly, if you don't like a certain part of the story then you can just GET OVER IT because LIFE ISN'T FAIR!!
  2. You see the knob turn slowly until the door itself starts sliding open. You look around and find a blanket, then throw it over yourself. The door opens all the way. "Hey, _____. I just wanted to say that I'm sorry about....am I intruding you?" Adam asks. "Well, not really..." But he reads your mind. "Oh! I'm sorry! I'll just...leave then." He starts for the door. "No, wait!" you say. after securing the blanket over your chest so that nothing is visible, you see him turn. And you can almost hear him mutter, "yes!" under his breath. Perve. "What were you going to say?" "I was going to say sorry about earlier, the way you were hurt, physically and emotionally. That wasn't supposed to happen." You flush. "And I wanted to say that if you need any help with anything else, I'm all yours," he adds, plopping onto the bed next to you, causing the blankets to slip a little, so that your brastrap is showing. Great. "Oh, sorry..." he pulls the blanket back up over your shoulder, and intentionally popping your brastrap in the process. "Pervert!" you yell at him. You desperately fight a smile, but he knows he's won. You laugh, then roll your eyes. "Well, I think I'm going to pass out soon, so if you could please excuse me to pull a shirt on so that no one else who walks in will be able to see me?" you ask. He smiles, then leans over to kiss you on the cheek. "Any time," he murmurs. You don't really care; you reach out and hug him. He hugs you back. You sigh and realize that your eyelids are getting hard to hold up, so you pull the blanket back up to your neck, but not before he pops your brastrap again. "Stop that!" You glare at him with a barely traceable hint of a smile. "Get," you order, pointing to the door while grinning. "Okay," he says, holding his hands in front of him in defense. "I'm gone." he walks out the door, you slide your tanktop on, and your head hits the pillow, introducing you to a deep sleep.
  3. After a while, which you assume has been a few hours, you wake up. You can feel your legs again, and you can hear the guys' voices laughing throught the walls. You stand up and examine the room. You find a dresser with a clock on it. It says 5:30am. great, this has TOTALLY messed up your sleeping pattern. You check out the stuff inside the dresser and see that one of the guys had gone to your dorm and brought a bunch of your clothes here. How sweet. You decide to change since you would be getting up and changing anyway. You choose--
  4. You walk out into the big room to see the guys all sitting around. "So, sleeping beauty finally awakens," Justin remarks. "Ha-ha," you mutter, grinning. Then a thought occurs to you: in the story a guy had to kiss sleeping beauty in order for her to wake up. You hope no one had come in and kissed you when you can see the gleam of Adam's smile from the corner of your eye. YOu stick your tongue out at him and mutter, "Don't you get any funny ideas." He only laughs. "So what's on the agenda for today?" you ask the guys. "Well, I thought that we'd start your training. I'll take you out back first and we'll practice levitation and flying," Justin tells you, taking your hand a leading you to the back door and the beautiful forest sight behind it. It's nothing but forest, but it looks magical because of the swords and shields laying around everywhere. Justin follows your gaze, then laughs. "I don't think you're going to be using a sword in your first session. at least not while I'm your teacher--when Mason or Adam volunteer, then you're free to stab them as much as you want. I'm just not worth getting killed by a girl," he says smugly. You roll your eyes. "Now, levitating. what I want you to do is imagine yourself moving, slowly, off the ground and into the air. Once you master that I will teach you to control flying. So have a seat and let's see what you can do," Justin says. You sit on the ground indian style and close your eyes, following his directions. You can feel yourself leave the ground and when you open your eyes you can see yourself sitting in mid-air. You smile at your accomplishment. But when you try to extend your legs so you can go back to the ground, you only float up more. Then you reach down and try to grab fist-fulls of grass to pull yourself down, but you can't reach. "Justin, can you please tell me how to get down?" you ask. You go back to your indian position and try to close your eyes, but all the blood is rushing to your head and you realize that you're turning upside down in midair. you try to get upright but you only tumble around. He laughs and takes your hand, pulling you down. "To get down, you imagine yourself gracefully landing on the ground. Try it," he suggests, letting go of your hand. You close your eyes and imagine yourself gracefully landing on the ground, like Justin said, but you find that you did something wrong and you land on your butt with a thunp. "Ow," you mutter. Justin laughs. "Now, for flying, you just imagine yourself sailing above the trees and highways and buildings. If it helps, you can imagine yourself flying to help save someone or something you love," he suggests to you.
  5. You follow Justin's orders and soon enough are flying and levitating like a pro. "Great job, ______! I can't wait to work with you again. Now wait here, while I go talk to the guys about something real quick, okay?" he tells you before dashing inside. You sit on the groun, and hear voices rising inside. "No fair! You can't just call dibs like that. it like, breaks rules!" you hear Mason shout. "Besides, what happens if she doesn't like you?" Adam insists. "What if she does?" Justin shoots back. "You know what? I say you fight for her, see who can just win her over?" Mason suggests. "I'm nothing but a prize?" you ask yourself. Then you pout. "Deal," justin and Adam agree. "We fight for her. May the best man win," Adam says. "Deal. Adam and I fight, Mason, you're the refferee." Then you hear footsteps and Justin is coming back out. "Hey, Adam will be out in a second. So, do you think I'm a good teacher?" Justin asks you, putting an arm over your shoulder. "Oh yeah, absolutely extrodinary. I will definately come to you if I need anything on flying techniques," you assure him. "Well, that's not the only thing I'm good at teaching. I've been known for being a good teacher at kissing, and something tells me you'd be a quick learner." You want to laugh, but like earlier with Adam, he didn't look like he was kidding. HE was grinning evily, but not because he was being sarcastic. becuase he was trying to show that he's tough and manly enough that he actually would do that, too. "I am a quick learner, at alot of things," you say, trying to back away as he moves in closer. But you back right into the side of the house, and he is still moving in closer. "In that case, would you like to take a test?" he asks, grinning. Before you can stop anything, his lips found yours. You find he tastes like spearmint gum, which is kind of odd. You hear an "A-hem," near the doorway. "Justin, I think ______ wants to be left alone for a little while," Adam says, taking your hand and pulling you away from Justin.
  6. "Whatever," Justin sneers at Adam. Then he smiles at you. "See you later," he says with a wink. Then he sprints inside. "Retard," Adam mutters. "Sorry if I interrupted you or anything," he begins. "No, it's fine. Don't worry about it," You say with a smile. "Well, I think we should start with mind control--you can't litterally control somebody's mind, but you will be able to ready their mind and send your own thoughts to their mind. It's really cool if you think about it," he says. "Yeah, that's awesome," you reply. I mean, sending your own thoughts to somone else's head? reading their mind? That's like, every girl's dream--to read their crush's mind to see if he likes her, too. Mwa-ha-ha-ha. "Okay, so what you do is...." He gives you all of the instructions. When he finishes, you try it yourself. And it works--you read Adam's mind, and he's thinknig, "please don't read my mind first--you don't need to know how much I like you yet!". You send a message saying, "Too late, Adam." you grin at him.
  7. You walk inside, Adam's face super red. Adam goes to get some water and you plop on the couch, and Mason asks, "How's the training going?"
  8. You were just taking a huge gulp of water when you hear glass shattering in the room they gave you. "oh no," Mason murmurs. "Adam! take _____! Justin and I got this!" he yells. "Yeah, WE'LL handle the dirty work to save ______!" Justin sneers. Adam rolls his eyes and picks you up, then runs out of the room and down the hall.
  9. Sorry about the cliffhanger. Who do you like so far?
  10. As I said, sorry about the cliffhanger. But my hand is killing me. And I've changed my mind, I'll try to make about 2 a week instead of 1. I like making these things too much. Leave in the comment area if you thought this was awesome, good, okay, bad, suckish, or terrible. Then tell me what you think I should do to make it better. Then tell me if you think I should make a new series after this one. Lastly, leave what you got as a result so I can see how to make characters better or worse. Thank you, everybody! I love you, America!! Good night!!

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