Just A Who Will You Fall For Quiz Part 13

This is the startling, questioning, heartful, loving, cute, part 13. This is the last quiz for Just A Who Will You Fall For Quiz. But don't fret! I'll have a new quiz out near the middle of April. So...yay!

This part might be leaving you with questions. Since I like this ending, I won't make up another part, because I think this is a cute way to end this quiz series. If you want, I'll answer questions in the comments box. Have fun!

Created by: Hazdam
  1. "Wakey, wakey, sweet cheeks." Someone says pulling you up. "Come on, you gotta drink this." You open your eyes and look around. You're in familiar surroundings, but you can't really tell where. You're sitting on a small bed. A yound man is standing at the end of you bed. He's holding out a cup. "Hurry, it's getting warm." He holds it out farther. You look at him eyes. Anger bubbles up inside you and you knock away the cup. It shatters and the liquid dribbles around the bottem of the bed.
  2. "Tsk-tsk, _____. That was perfectly good medicine. Why would you just throw it away?" he walks closer. So much closer than you would like. "Why wouldn't you trust me?" You start to say something, but two people charge into the room. It's Lucas and Joseph! "What the f---, Jacob! Get away from her!" Joseph says holding you. The lights turn on and you can tell he's been crying. Lucas quickly jogs next to you. He scowls at Jacob and pushes him to the ground. Jacob becomes furious and staggers to his feet. He snarls at Lucas. "No!" you yell. Joseph tries to help you back to your feet. You pull your arm away, and grumble, "I got it." You run over to Lucas and hold him. "You get the hell away from him!!" You scream at Jacob. To your surprise, Lucas shoves you away. "Leave, _____. Go with Joseph. Don't turn back. " "No! I can't leave you! He'll hurt you! Just like how he," you say pointing at Joseph, "hurt you!" Lucas gives you a sorry look, then turns right back to Jacob. Without looking at you, he says, "I think it's time for some answers. GO!" Your legs start to move toward Joseph, but your mind resents. You shove past him and walk out the door.
  3. "Woah, missy." You stop walking. You know he only calls you that when he's pissed enough to not want to say your name. "What did I do?" he says holding your arm so tight, you can move. "Ow! Jo, let go of me!" "Nuh-uh. Not until we get to the car." He drags you along and you can hear fear in his voice.
  4. He shoves you in the passenger side and you stumble in. "Ouch." you mumble. "Shut up." he says hopping in. "I hate you, you know that?" you scowl at you. His face flushes a deep red. Without responding, he starts the car. Backing up, he asks, "_____, do you remember when we we in grade 3 and I didn't want to go across the monnkey bars and that stupid green eye'd kid walked away with you leaving me behind in the sand?" You don't respond, but he continues anyway. "Do you remember when we built the tree house in grade 5 and you fell out of the tree and Carson came to catch you?" You can hear the saddness in his voice. "Do you remember when we got into Jr. High, and Teri kissed me? How 'bout when Jacob and Lucas came to our school and they f---ing took you away from me?" You refuse to look at him, but you can tell in his voice, he wants to get out of the car.
  5. He looks at you with the most desperate look. "Why are you so mad at me?" "You know why." "I-I...You don't understand. It wasn't me who hurt Lucas..." You shoot him a look. "THEN WHY'D YOU TELL ME IT WAS YOU?!?!" you scream at him. Joseph stops the car. You're in the middle of the freeway and you can hear honking behind you as people drive past. "Because I didn't want you to hurt...him..." You give him a confused look. "What? Who?" "...Jacob...it was him. He hurt Lucas."
  6. "I didn't want you to hurt him so I said it was me..." he confesses. "What? Why wouldn't you not want me to hurt Jacob? You know how much Lucas means to me!" "I know! B-but...I...he's..." You look at him. "Please tell me. We're best friends." You say putting your hand on his. He jerks his hand away. Joseph looks away, "I'm...I'm in love with him." he confesses. You nearly faint. "W-what?" Tears stream down him face. "I'm gay, _____. I'm in love with Jacob, and he's in love with me."
  7. "_____? Are you okay?" "Y-yeah...can I go home?" He slowly nods and continues driving. You can see your reflection in his wet face. Silence devours the car. "I don't understand....if you're gay, and in love with Jacob, why did he kiss me so many times?" you suddenly burst out it seems rude. He doesn't seem to mind. "He was in denial. He discovered he was gay when we...when...we made out." He starts crying. It almost seems like he regrets telling you every word he just said.
  8. You realize your home and you and Joseph were just sitting im the car in the driveway. You burst get out and he hugs you. "I'm so sorry, _____. I didn't mean to hurt you."
  9. He wipes tears from your eyes. You didn't realize you were crying. When he wipes the last tear, you end up balling again. "Gee...I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you so much." You can hear he's crying too.
  10. He rests his head on top of yours. "Honsetly, I don't even know if I'm really gay." he says still crying "And I don't even know how I feel right now." you say. He says "But there is one thing I do know." "And there is one thing I know too." you reply. At the same time you both say...
  11. "I love you."

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