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This is a quiz is about Jumanji the next level so if you haven't seen it yet I would suggest not talking this otherwise you will get alot of spoiler. If you want to watch it, I would suggest reading the second paragraph

I made this quiz because I've watched all three all though the first one scared me a little but the other two were super funny. If you wanna watch it go to YouTube and search it up, it's the one that says HD.

Created by: Alicia
  1. Which character had the worst weaknesses
  2. What did Oberon get eaten by in the jungle
  3. Who didn't get teleported into the game
  4. When Bethany finally got teleported into the game what did she become
  5. When not getting teleported to the game who did she go to for help
  6. Who answered the door when Bethany went for help
  7. Who did Spencer become when teleporting into the game
  8. Who's the reason they had to go back to the jungle
  9. Why
  10. When going back into the real world what ran by the resturant

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