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There are many out there says that they are John Morrison's fan,John Morrison's mark,but they don't even know a thing about Morrison.Take this quiz to know if you know about him.

Do you really think you're a true fan of Shaman of Sexy,John Morrison.Well I don't.Wants to proove me wrong?Try to impress me in this quiz John Morrison's quiz.

Created by: 450Gabriel
  1. First with the easy question,What is John Morrison's real name?
  2. What is the name of the tag team Morrison was popular in?
  3. What is the first championship Morrison receives in WWE?
  4. What is the name of streaming segment on in which Morrison and The Miz mocked other wrestlers?
  5. To who John Morrison lost his third Intercontinental Championship reign?
  6. In 2010,John Morrison was on the cover of
  7. Which of this was John Morrison's partner in WWE Tough Enough
  8. Where was John Morrison borned?
  9. Where did John Morrison beated CM Punk to become ECW Champion in 2007
  10. John Morrison was nominated for Slammy in 2010,but failde to win it.But in what Slammy was he nominated?
  11. Which one of these is not John Morrison's nickname?
  12. Which one of these is not John Morrison's signature move?
  13. Who did John Morrison beated to become the no.1 Contender for WWE Championship for the first time ever

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