Are you Ben or Pez?

Ben and Pez, the partners in crime. Usually found bumming (around) in Totnes somewhere, or in the ol' Kennicott IT rooms. Have you ever wondered which one you're more like? Or do you just want to back-up your first thought?

Are you Ben or Pez? Which one of the fun-filled, Morrison's-raiding duo are you most like? Which one do you hope you'll find out you're most like? Take this test to find out!

Created by: Pez
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  1. Which do you prefer? Duran Duran or Smashing Pumnpkins?
  2. Prince or Bloc Party?
  3. Jamiroquai or Nine Inch nails?
  4. Are your jeans skinny?
  5. Can you play a musical instrument?
  6. Do you wear hooped tops?
  7. Have you seen Girls Aloud live?
  8. Are you able to eat pizza with a knife and fork?
  9. Are you ginger?
  10. Do you live in the middle of nowhere next to a sub-station?
  11. Do you like Hurd?
  12. Have you ever been filmed in a shower?
  13. Do you own, or want to own, a Fedora/Homburg?
  14. Do you support Manchester United?
  15. Are your hands often cold?
  16. Do random strangers often shout abuse at you when walking/driving past you?
  17. Do you prefer ring or jam-filled doughnuts?
  18. What's your tipple?
  19. Can you walk in a straight line usually?
  20. Is your hair long enough to cover your neck?
  21. Do you spend a lot of time sitting outside Morrison's eating?
  22. Where is "your house"?
  23. Finally. Are you Ben or Pez?

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