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Result #1 description: Top of the morning ya ladies my name is Mohansepticeye I made a quiz for JACKSEPTICEYE my fav youtuber so I made this quiz for him if u don't know jack or Sean go to youtube and sub

About jacksepticeye is an Irish born let's player who is known for his enthusiastic and humble nature. He's predominately known for his GTA V and Skate 3 playthroughs and his Reading Your Comments series, but his various game plays have garnered many views either way. Online History During his days on YouTube Jack started out almost unnoticeable at first, but due to a shout out from the most subscribed YouTuber. He gained a massive amount of subscribers and it has only grown more and more since. He started making noise in the Let's Play community when he uploaded his popular GTA V and Happy Wheels videos. Making his views reach nearly a million each! Along with Jack rising to be a big name he regularly talks with fans in the comment section right after the videos upload. Not only that but

Created by: Mohan
  2. Who does jack love to kill in happywheels
  3. Where does jacks girlfrined live
  4. Where does JACKSEPTICEYE live
  5. Does jack wear a hat in some of his vids
  6. How much subs has jack got
  7. How much reading your comments vids has he done
  8. Has jack played sims 4
  9. Has jack played with markeplier and pewdiepie
  11. When jack played the impossible quiz
  12. Has jack done any vlogs

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