The Bossness Test

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This is a quiz to test how much of a Boss you are. The questions are about Jacksepticeye, as you probably noticed from the cover picture. This is the test to ultimately tell who in the world, other than Jack, is Boss.

Are you close to as Boss as Jack himself? Do you have the awesomeness to call yourself a true Boss? Before now, you could only wonder. Take this to find out how truly Boss you are, good luck. :D

Created by: Scourgefan14
  1. Do you watch Jacksepticeye?
  2. What is Jack's real name?
  3. What game out of these has Jack NOT played?
  4. Which of these isn't one of Jack's catchphrases?
  5. What is Jack's outro?
  6. What is Jack's intro?
  7. Do you know how he got the nickname "Jacksepticeye"?
  8. Does Jack swear?
  9. Which of these hasn't Jack played?
  10. What game has Jack played the most?
  11. What country is Jack from?
  12. Is Jack loud?
  13. What is the main color of Jack's channel?
  14. Does Jack like Rage games?
  15. Does Jack like Indie games?
  16. Does Jack like Horror games?

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