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Hello! Thank you for taking my Italian Adventures Quiz. This quiz was created for a learning adventure created by EDIT 2000 students. Our learning adventure is designed for fourth and fifth grade students.

For our learning adventure, we are teaching children information about Italy so that they can plan a one week vacation to Italy. This quiz about basic Italian facts is part of the first step of the learning adventure. Enjoy!

Created by: Jackie

  1. Which of the following was NOT invented in Italy?
  2. Before Italy adopted the Euro, what was the name of Italian currency?
  3. How many children does the average Italian family have?
  4. What is the capital of Italy/
  5. Which of the following is not one of the three colors in the Italian flag?
  6. What are the two largest Islands in Italy?
  7. Italy is the _______ most visited country in the world
  8. The Italian city of Florence is known for what?
  9. What day is known as Italy's National Day?
  10. How much bread does the average Italian consume in 1 day?

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