How Italian Are You?

You think your so Italian, well prove it, show me how Italian you actually are. Don't say, ahhhh well I already know I'm Italian, I don't wanna be dissed be a test

I still don't think your Italian enough to hang with me, so take the quiz as many times as you can until your 100% Italian, go to Italy, go to Rome, New York, go somewhere where you'll become more Italian

Created by: Michael
  1. You eat pasta more than twice a week.
  2. You've been hit with a spoon, belt, HAND, or something that hurts, but it has to be by your parents!
  3. What is the white creamy stuff on your pasta called
  4. What is your favorite sport?
  5. Does your mother's maiden name have more than 2 vowels and end with an "O"?
  6. What is your favorite team of all time?
  7. When do you think your dad is gonna walk in and yell at you for being so long on the computer
  8. What is your dream job when you get older
  9. How old are you?
  10. If you answered 18-40 answer the question, if you didn't then click the first button. Where do you live now?

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Quiz topic: How Italian am I?