The Italian Job (2003)

If you like racing then this is the quiz for you, get past 80% and you know your stuff. Not many people will be able to get the right answers so just try your best.

This quiz includes a lot of very difficult questions, so if you get some wrong don't blame me i WARNED you.Have you got what it takes to get in the team if you do then just click and play! This is a very challenging quiz so try it you might get SOME right.

Created by: Daniello
  1. When in Ausria, what does the sign say which is next to the gang?
  2. What car is Wrench working on when Charlie phones him?
  3. What car does Rob drive when the team meet up?
  4. In the beginning, how long does it take for Stella to crack the safe?
  5. What is the name of Lyle's fake ID?
  6. When Charlie is talking to John or Stella what does the 'I' stand for in fine?
  7. What does John tell Left Ear to invest in?
  8. Left Ear wants a room for his, what?
  9. In the metro what does Charlie say to John?
  10. Who does Lyle describe Rob as when in the boat chase?
  11. What is the width of Steve's hallway?
  12. How many love-letters did Rob get sent to his prison cell?

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