It's me AquaWinter

Hi people, i'm AquaWinter. People call me Aqua. I like cats. I love all animals. Without animals i can't live. I have 1 cat and i just adopted a street dog.

I usually make quizzes while watching tv. But this time i made this quiz while travelling in a train. I glad to see you all. Bye. I gotta keep my Poker Face on!

Created by: AquaWinter

  1. Hi fellas, how are you? I hope you're fine.
  2. Guys, after several weeks of confusing about whether to leave GTQ or not, i finally made a decision.
  3. I've decided not to leave. I missed severel things and people here while confusing my head. So, now on i'm back to taking quizzes and quiz series, being active on forums etc., I'm also going to continue my quiz series "PLATINUM LOVE"
  4. I've met some great people, awesome authors, loyal fans here. You guys are just amazing. And also i've met a fair amount of my haters.
  5. People judge me so easily here. They say i'm egoistic, arrogant and rude. I just don't get why people think me of that. Whatever i say people take it offensively. They mistake my over-confidence as ego. They hate me for being myself. I'm so sick of it. But, you can never bring me down. I'm a strong person. If you think you can, just keep trying.
  6. I'm not egoistic. I'm a person who never gives up. I'm sweet, nice and friendly person. Please, don't take it as Self-praising. I'm just saying i'm not bad person. Some even called me a retard. That is so funny. I pity you. You just don't get what i'm saying. If anyone who is being stupid is you.
  7. I'm not gonna bore you guys. So, enough of my drama. Please, if you know any good series just tell me what it is!
  8. Also please take quizzes of amazing authors like, Puffball, Therecklessbam, bluebird, xxblutixx, Ardeo, Fire_Soul, angelic4, calypso, Aria etc., etc.,
  9. In my quizzes, feel free to rate and comment. Its your choice to rate / comment badly. I won't take it personal. Just be yourself.
  10. Last, but not least, I'm Back! It feels so good. Have a good day! *dances and lypsyncs for Kylie minouge's Timebomb song*.

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