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  • Guys, thank you so much! Your nice comments means a lot, not just a lot, more than a lot to me. I honestly thought that nobody wants me to stay. Thank you @xxblutixx i'll definitely checkout the quizzes. Please don't thank me for just mentioning you. You guys are awesome. Thank you so much guys!

  • Nice to hear that you stayed :) I was wondering if Platinum Love would be continued

    As for the haters, it's easy to be misinterpreted on the internet. Best thing is just ignore it because they don't know the real you and it's their choice whether they're going to be immature and misuse the word "retard"

    Hm, some good series? I've got a TON I could mention, but here's a couple (more than a couple) to get you started

    Cometlight "The unforgiven and unforgotten"
    Missy PrissyCat "Remember the future"
    xxdarkxx "which will fall for you"

    Dannica... just all of them XD the triology: "beautiful secrets" "beautiful lies" "beautiful endings"; the newest: "Confinement"; "Somebody Special"; "meet me halfway"; "they love me"

    P.S. awhh, thanks for mentioning me! ^^

  • I haven't taken your quizzes, but i will!!! Glad you stayed!

  • Aww I'm glad you stayed ^____^

    and thank you x I'll be checking out your series, too (:


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