It's all about Me

Do you know what makes you happy, fulfilled? Do you understand the message of God? Have you ever wondered why you can't be happy? This quiz starts you towards that understanding.

In just 10 questions, you can begin to understand if you understand the message. They are intended for younger junior high children at the point in life where they are discovering who they are.

Created by: Kimberly

  1. Do you have to DO anything for your parents to love you?
  2. Why do you set goals for yourself?
  3. When I fail, I believe
  4. Jesus died on the cross. Why?
  5. The biggest need we all have as human beings is...
  6. This is a sin...
  7. This is not a sin...
  8. Standing all alone in front of God, you would say you were...
  9. Do you have to Do anything for God to love you?
  10. I am happiest when

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