Your Key To Happiness

Happiness is what that makes a person's life liveable. Nowadays with the rush of work and busy days, people are becoming less happy. There can be many reasons but being happy is not a hard thing. Happiness is most important thing in our life.

Are you happy? Do you want to be happier? How can you be happy? There are many questions like these but thanks to this quiz that will ask you some questions and be honest and ask yourself. Put in practice what this questions says and don't forget to read the parting paragraph.

Created by: Jeeshan

  1. Ask this questions to yourself:
  2. What do you admire in others?
  3. How do I move on? Exercise reduces stress hormones. Do you excercise?
  4. Who do you care? Whom do you love? Except yourself.
  5. Are you grateful? Gratefulness doesn't come with the help of happiness; happiness comes with the help of gratefulness.
  6. Are you a perfectionist?
  7. Are you motivated by fear or passion?
  8. Do you positively impact others? Do you sacrifice even a small thing for others? For example opening a door for somebody, giving a glass of water to your father?
  9. Does this quiz should be on the front page? (It is included, but just to test something about you. I.e. Your selflessness)
  10. Are you selfish or selfless? (Be honest)
  11. The quiz has ended. Put in practice what you have learnt from this quiz. Feel free to post this quiz's questions to other people.

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