Is youre boy/girlfriend going to break up?

If you wonder if your boy/girl friend is the one! or if there going to break up with you...well now you can find out i hope it works! well give it a try and dont forget to rate!

This is from personal experience with my girlfriend so i decided to make a quiz about it thats always the reasonable thing to do right? oh well good luck!

Created by: brandonactr
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  1. How long have you been going out with that person?
  2. have they ever just glared at you wenever you say anythin?
  3. how much of the time is he or she smiling when your with them?
  4. how much of the time do you spend with the person?
  5. Do you know there fav. color (dont lie) this is important
  6. What do they do when you make physical contact?
  7. How many relationships have you had in the past?
  8. Heve they ever been in your dreams(does not have to be inapropriet)
  9. Have they ever given you a compliment?
  10. Have you ever succesfully comforted them?

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Quiz topic: Is mye boy/girlfriend going to break up?