how cute are you

" People have told you that youre hot or youre not and now put yo self to the test to see how you look and how youre body is to draw in the peoples. when you you take this quiz you will finaly know how you look and what you need to work on just a little but you got it if you want it so do what you do best.

Now its time to put youre self to the test. everbody has told you youre hot or ugly but now you can realy figure out so go ahead and take the test. when you get youre result back dont act shocked cause its you so its time you should really know what you look like

Created by: quanisha morgan aka nisha

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. ladies when u go to a store what do u do time as you enter?
  2. when youre at the mall and you see this hot dude or hot female you?
  3. when u you fix youre hair all that week you wear it in what kind of style?
  4. when you dress you?
  5. how do you flirt with your crush?
  6. do you think youre cute?
  7. are you still cute when youre getting ready to go to bed?
  8. are you a smart cutie?
  9. are you a punk?
  10. do u strut youre stuff

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