Does he like you?

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Hey,this is my first quiz so take pity on me please.Im a romance freak!Lol.Well if you disagree with anything youre welcome to comment if youre disatisfied im so sorry for the deception,i tried to make this quiz make sense so i have no clue if it came oput messed up,hopefully not.

This quiz is about whether youre secret crush or lover,etc. likes you back.Quite ovious since thats the title.Either he likes you or not either way,youre still THE BEST!Well hope you enjoy it:)

Created by: Boy_Crazy

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  1. When hes staring at you and you catch him,what is his reaction?
  2. When you guys are close to each other what is his reaction?
  3. When you guys are almost alone,what does he do?
  4. Have you guys ever been to the same class?Work company?
  5. When he looks at you,what do you see in his eyes?
  6. When you both are in the middle of a group of people that both of you know what does he do?
  7. When a girl is noticably flirting with him and he knows you are looking,what does he do?
  8. When he looks at you,where does his eyes fall upon?
  9. When you guys first "met" what did he do?
  10. Do you think he likes you?

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