How well do you know Teen Titans?

I thought that it would be fun to make a Titans quiz. I am partially obsessed with the show myself, and watch it almost every day. And also, dont crush your device if you get lower then you think you would,

This quiz will determine how well YOU know Teen Titans GO. if youre taking it because youre bored, or taking it to actually find out if you rock at all things TTG, just have fun!

Created by: Autumn

  1. Easy: Out of these pairs, who is a couple?
  2. Medium: What is Raven's favorite show?
  3. Hard: what did the Titans do in the first episode of Teen Titans Go?
  4. Medium: what did Raven dress up as for halloween?
  5. Easy: what is Beast Boy's favorite meat?
  6. Hard: what is behind Robin's mask?
  7. Easy: What is Cyborg's DNA?
  8. Hard: what color is Robin's hair gel?
  9. Medium: what is Starfire's sister named?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Teen Titans?