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  • For me, there wasn't enough options. My character is basically an alien, who looks like a human, but is extremely powerful. He doesn't have a lot of skills, but he is very trained in fighting( Like Martial Arts) he is also a very good engineer (Alien Advantage). Although he is a "Alien", he really looks like a very muscular human. His backstory origin is more than I can fit in this comment. But. He comes from a different galaxy( Planet) which is around. 1.2 billion light years, a lot but I have my reason. He has a lot of up and downs. He's trained since age 4, and in the story he's 16. So that's 12 years of hard, rough, nearly dying, exercises. He's not boring or dull in my eyes. We just need way more options.

  • It said your character has no flaws so 9% good let's see here..... Arms stuck to body moves slowly because of weight due to poison gas inside him in constant pain horribly scarred and mutated... Nah he has a perfect life

    • dang thats sad.

    • Hi yes hello Im a bit late to this but I should say; just because your character is in pain that sounds negative doesnt immediately make them a good character. You have to explain why and how does it effect them other than big pain, big sad. How do they live with this? How do they cope, how does their character adapt to this? Just because theyre in pain does not make them a fully fleshed out dynamic character.

  • My oc:

    Fawn has a normal life but is a little blind due to poison being accidentally spilt in her eyes. She has special correcting glasses, and the lenses are made of a magical crystal mentioned in my OC backstory. Brown hair, gray eyes that used to be pastel yellow, no makeup except mascara, jacket and jeans. Bff is Quartz and Dusk

  • My OC was originally for a dungeons and dragons group after school, but I wanted to use it more than that. Apparently my OC is pretty boring, so I might change it up a bit.

    His appearance is more interesting than his personality because he's an elf and I wanted him to look cool. Great quiz btw, I enjoyed it!

  • well, his name is Kazuya.
    not how strong or weak.

    he is equipped with a katana sword as a protector of his life.

    he has an arctic fox pet named Ichi. small, and adorable, she is very useful in his missions.

    His appearance only uses black uniform and white haori.

    I'm not sure if it's look normal according to you. he has cyan-colored hair, iris which is also commensurate with the color of his hair.

    That is all

  • This quiz is... ok.

    My OC is a gacha life OC, and her "unique" name is Omega, there is some kind of prophecy about Greek numeric names, she has long brown hair (when she unleashes her full power), her clothes are, well, she wears dark gray shorts with a hoody hanging over it, and the top is... I'm not sure how to explain it.

    This quiz doesn't have enough options.

  • It said my oc was pretty well balanced, but it didn't really give me the options that i hoped for, my oc is skilled in martial arts, and has a lot of street smarts but the only option with martial arts it had was with the being skilled in everything, basically not enough options

  • Okay so! You need to add more options, like my character has gray hair but it's dyed also-- You forced me to say the character is for roleplay even though I create a story with her and I don't even reveal that character in any roleplaying game.

  • name: Pebble
    Age: 2,400 (she looks 13 in her human form)

    Species: Alien (she can take the form of a 13-year-old person after accidentally killing her while crashing her ship)

    human appearance: pinecone skin with fluffy black hair and a sanriocore outfit, purple eyes, and purple glasses

    Alien: a pastel yellow skin tone with black fluffy hair purple eyes and purple glasses.

  • I made an OC for my world and their natural eye colors are gold, black, brown, and sometimes green. And when I see the unusual eye colors it doesn't have an option of whether or not it's natural.

  • The unusual eye thing. There are grey eyes in this world. Not many have them, but it makes it seem like I'm talking about purple eyes or something like that. Plus, I didn't make my OC for any of the purposes. I just make OC's for fun.

  • There are only options for human OCs. Mine is a furry, so it's hard to asnwer some questions. So I recommend to put some questions for people who has non-human OC!

  • Omg, I thought my character was better than this! Now that I think about it, they are kinda a "Mary sue" character.

  • Really? My advice is that you're not asking the right questions. Otherwise not too bad.

  • Im very ticked of, it says that my oc is plain!!!

    Heres som information about her,

    Name:Luna Hirigashi (yes Hirigashi as in her mother is Kagome DONT JUGE ME! )

    Has 6 step siblings, yes they are InuYasha and kikios kids, InuYasha is Lunas dad, AND NO HE DIDNOT CHEAT ON KAGOME THEY GOT SEPARATED(she also died( ahem.. Luna killed her))

    Luna has very long black hair but when she transforms she turns into a half demon, and no she cannot control her transformation, just like InuYasha she transforms when she has gone insane, she cares the tesiga( Her fathers Sword (it was left behind))

    She also has one yellow eye and one purple one, she has the same powers as her mother pluz her fathers, BUT AS I SAID SHE CANOT CONTROL THEM SO WHEN SHE USES THEM SHE ENDS UP MURDEING SOMBODY! SO SHE IS NOT A MARY SUE!!!! she is also not on any tipe of media, online or anywhere, only a character that I have Im my head! Same with all my other OCs! Luna is the first oc I have ever came up with. She is very special to me, so if you say anything offensive or call her a Mary Sue then I will defend myself!!!!

  • 66% I didnt think the ultimate puppet master(riko who is my danganronpa oc)was that well! People can relate to her? SHE LIKES EATING TOMATOES LIKE APPLES! LIKE FREAKING APPLES!

  • You should really add an other button because some things my OC doesn’t have at all! For example you forced us to give our OC a pet.

  • 73% Let's go Hashtag!!

    • My charter got 66%! Dont get mad think about ocs before making them official!


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