Is your OC good?

What is an OC? It is an original character created by a fan of something and come in all shapes and sizes! Many people have Oc's, but few are really actually thought out and more people focus on physical traits rather than personality.

Is your OC good? Take this quiz to find out! See if you character falls flat, or is the cream of of the crop! We'll help you figure out whether you OC is good or bad! Have fun!

Created by: Namira2004
  1. What is your characters past like?
  2. Do they have a pet/pets?
  3. How many characters fall in love with your character?
  4. What is their name like?
  5. Hair colour ?
  6. Eye colour?
  7. Personality?
  8. What is their purpose for creating them?
  9. Do they have any special talents?
  10. Are they royalty?
  11. Any magical or enchanted items?
  12. Clothing style?
  13. Have they reformed any villains? Whether from other franchises or from your own story?
  14. Are there legends or prophecies about your character?
  15. Final question: What results do you think you'll get?

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Quiz topic: Is my OC good?