Is your man/lady a cheater?

"There are so many smart people, but few that really know if they are being lied to." If you have any doubt this is the test you should take. If you are not prepared for the truth then step away or have a friend look at the results for you.

Are you being cheated on? Thanks to this great quiz, in just a few minutes you will find out! Keep your mind open and explore the possibility that you may need to move on!

Created by: Angie of Cheaters Home
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  1. How many nights does he or she come home claiming they stayed at work late?
  2. Has your man/woman asked you to have a threesome?
  3. Does your man/woman work out of town?
  4. Is your mate in the military?
  5. Does your partner take a shower right after work?
  6. Does your partner seem interested in sex?
  7. Does your mate often complain that they are too tired to have sex with you?
  8. Does your partner have a lot of friends on Myspace of the opposite sex that you do not know?
  9. How many nights does your partner initiate sex with you?
  10. Does your partner love to watch p--- or read dirty magazines?

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Quiz topic: Is my man/lady a cheater?