Which AMC lady are you most like?

The fictional town of Pine Valley, PA is a hot spot for drama, passion, schemes and secrets. Created by Agnes Nixon, "All My Children" has been a fixture on ABC since 1970. "All My Children" is home to superstar daytime diva, Susan Lucci.

For loyal viewers of the ABC Daytime Drama "All My Children"... find out which AMC lady you are most like! 12 questions... 10 divas, b----es, or whatever you choose to refer to them as. This is the Ladies of AMC Quiz!

Created by: nicole of All My Children Fans
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  1. What is your ideal clothing style?
  2. What does family mean to you?
  3. When facing a romantic rival, I am most likely to...
  4. What is your ideal profession?
  5. My checkered past...
  6. Where do kids fit in your life?
  7. which one word describes your personality best?
  8. Which of the following means the most to you?
  9. You look best as a...
  10. Your ideal AMC man would have which last name?

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Quiz topic: Which AMC lady am I most like?