Is your guy crush worth it?

warning! THIS QUIZ IS FOR GIRLS ONLY! do you have a crush on a guy? Instead of taking a quiz to tell if he likes you or not, this is a quiz that will give you advice if he is worth it or not. you will get full advice if he is worth it or not.

well, should you go after him, or not? take this quiz and find out for yourself! created epesicalily for girls by a girl, you will find questions that are familiar. go and get em' gal! take the quiz, its only a few questions, and you'll get the best advice you can find.

Created by: arab

  1. How far away is HIS homeroom from yours?
  2. if you fell down, what would he do?
  3. you like this guy because...
  4. How old is he?
  5. Is he pretty much popular?
  6. does he ever talk to you?
  7. does he compliment you?
  8. have your eyes ever locked?
  9. (select skip if this never happened) when someone told him if he liked you, what did he say?
  10. random question: select the follwing of his first name initial.
  11. what answer do you think you'll get? (does not effect quiz results!)

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Quiz topic: Is my guy crush worth it?