Is Your Character Good for Roleplay?

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I have a quiz that explains if your character is good for roleplay, or bad for roleplay. Hopefully you get good, because that will be good! If you get bad.. well.. that's bad. Have fun taking this quiz!

If you want to have another quiz like this, or, just another quiz from me, I will make more soon. Anyways, have fun taking the quiz, and make sure you take it again using a different character!

Created by: Roleplayer

  1. Does your character have more than 5 powers?
  2. Has your character killed anyone else, if so, press Yes, if not, Press no, If your character almost or attempted to, Press Maybe
  3. Is your character hated by others?
  4. Does your character have wife/husband, or a girlfriend/boyfriend, or are they just a lone wolf?
  5. Is your character social, or do they prefer to stay in the shadows?
  6. Does your character get mad easily, or are they easy going?
  7. Do people think your character is too overpowered, too weak, or just right?
  8. Do you change your character a lot, not too often, or never?
  9. Do you think your character is interesting or boring?
  10. Last one! Does your character tend to have a lot of weapons for no reason, for some reasons, or for a lot of reasons, or do they have just enough?

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Quiz topic: Is my Character Good for Roleplay?