Is you ghetto or nah

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Hey dis is a quiz to see if you is ghetto or not. This quiz is just for fun so don't take anything offensive. Tho I don't see anything offensive. Have fun

Ok are you like me completely ghetto or nah. You'll find out after this quiz. Ok take the quiz, Take the quiz, TAKE THE QUIZ! I SAID TAKE F-IN TEST!!!!!!!! NOW! u know what I'm done. Now u have to take the quiz

Created by: Britany298
  1. dO yoU TypE lIkE DIS oR u type lik dis
  2. How u talk
  3. Do you call the kool-aid person red
  4. How many people u got in yo house/crib
  5. What u call yo house
  6. What u call yo good friends
  7. A bruh so far u like da quiz
  8. What type of music u listen to?
  9. Dats all I need to know so u can go ahead and click the submit button. I made these out of boredom
  10. The rest of da questions don't affect ur score their just for fun! U can click the submit button if u want.
  11. Which one of these would you do in public?
  12. How u wear ur headphones
  13. What's ur fave breed of dog

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