Zombie survival

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Warning: this quiz is not to be taken seriously. You should not try these ideas at home, since they provide big and huge health risks and mental disorders.

My material is not meant to be offensive in anyway. If you take it as that way or if you find mistakes in my works, then do the following. 1. Talk to me in the chat rooms or comment what was messed up or what you found offensive.2. If you do not want to risk seeing that in this quiz again, STOP TAKING THIS QUIZ!Thank you and have a blessed day!

Created by: The1ForU
  1. You here about the apocalypse on the news, and things are not looking good. You need to make a group, fast! Who is in your group?
  2. And next, you need supplies. You can fit only 3 things. Which of these do you pack?
  3. You need a weapon. No, you cannot use your fist. What do you choose?
  4. Finally, you need a survival tool. What do you pack?
  5. You are going to have to set up a base. Where is your base going to be?
  6. You are getting hungry and you are out of food. You…
  7. You getting thirsty as well. You…
  8. It is getting dark. You…
  9. The morning comes. You…
  10. You see zombies in your path that look like your family and/or friends. They did not see you. You….
  11. Picture this. You wake up one day seeing a group of 20 something zombies around you and you see you friend in the distance. You…
  12. Let’s just say that you survived. You get to your friend. He has gotten bit and is looking ill. You..
  13. Do you think that you can survive?
  14. How strong are you?
  15. Do you have fighting experience?
  16. After all of your suffering, you have found a human safe place that is away from zombies. You….
  17. You find out, after years of surviving and crying, you might just be the last person on the planet. You realize that it does not matter if you live or not. You….
  18. Let’s say you decided to survive. You keep going and realize after a few years that there are no zombies. The world is clean. You….
  19. It is getting extremely hard to survive. You start to lose faith when suddenly you hear a noise at the door on your base.(if you are nomadic, your temporarily base) You…
  20. After a while, you decide to open it. You grab your gun and take the sunrise in. To your surprise, you see a woman/man at the door yelling, “don’t shoot please!!!” She/he begins crying. You comfort her/him. You get to know each other. She/he is really nice. You decide to settle down and work together. Are you ready for the adventures that will come?
  21. Thank you for playing ma quiz and hope that you have a great day.

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