is you bff your bff?

this quiz will tell you whether you and your friends are really best friends or just school friends. If you're wondering what category you and your friend fall under take this quiz!

Do you want to know what category you and your friend fall under? take the quiz! you can either be school friends, friends, best friends, or bff's. Find out!

Created by: Heath
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  1. You get home from school on friday. What do you do?
  2. Your bff and you are talking and you finish eachothers sentences.
  3. Just when you are about to call you bff, what happens?
  4. You and your friend share the same interests. Like the same band, same color, same food. etc. True or false?
  5. You and you best friend get into a fight. When do you makeup?
  6. You and your friend have history together. You get to choose where you sit. Where do you choose?
  7. You have and extra ticket to Metro Station's concert. Who do you give it to?
  8. You and your friend are talking about things that happened to you when you were hanging out. No one understands what the hell you are talking about. True of False?
  9. I have to. I'm sorry. What is your favorite color? [ no effect ]
  10. Did you like the quiz? [ no effect ]

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Quiz topic: Is you bff my bff?