Could you become my friend?

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This quiz is to see if you and me could become friends. It's for both genders, for crying out loud you can be a dog, I will still find a way to become friends.

Like seriously, any animal any species that is alive, I can probably still become your friend, if I wanted. But you still have to take the quiz. You aren't skipping this.

Created by: kwright
  1. Do you like to read?
  2. Would you hit me every time I said something stupid?
  3. Do you enjoy long bike rides?
  4. Would you run 6.5 miles and then run back home with me every day?
  5. If I told you my darkest secret would you tell everyone?
  6. If I pushed you, would you push me back but harder?
  7. Do you love music?
  8. Would you ever abandon me if we were on the side of the road?
  9. Do you love pets?
  10. If needed, would you allow me to sleep at you house?
  11. Are you always on the computer?

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