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  • This Quiz is kinda bogus, no offense, although you must be a dragon fan. Not every dragon has to be large and strong. I draw dragons for my life, I have multiple books on them, multiple anatomy books, spy tidy guides. And yet I'm only 54%? I know deep inside that I'm more dragon than that. For Pete's sake, I dream of flying, breathing fire, using claws and teeth unknown to mankind, while using powerful wings to hoist me and my armor like scales into the air. That's a Dragon.

  • I am 92% dragon

    WOOHOO!!! Are you a dragon in disguise? Thought so. A truly EVIL Dragon, you are built MASSIVE and stand tall and proud, intellect unmatched and no-one would be able to compete against you. THIS is the kind of Dragon you are aiming for. Plus- you get FIRE BREATH!!!!

  • 72%

    Very good - almost there, but just a bit to good for my liking. Don't worry though - you're among friends. Most Dragons only make it top this stage, so you can go round and talk to them about your troubles. Then have a barbecue. Never Mind though - take to the sky, you have air breath

    Air breath? AIR BREATH!?! |3!7(# I WANTED FIRE BREATH, NOT AIR!!!

    Sonic fan 21
  • Oh no sorry, wrong page is 92% not 78%, I read wrong webpage

    Flame dragon
  • Did this quiz just say 55%!!!!! *growls*

  • 35% dragon

    vetree x
  • I did it again and got 90%! That's more like it!

  • 78% cool better than I thought :)

    Flame dragon
  • Why did I only get 64%? I AM A DRAGON AND I WILL EAT YOU UNLESS YOU GIVE ME 100%!

  • 0%...=(


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