Is that your true bff?

you have lots of friends, but few have true friends. Or should i say an bff. an bff is someone who you are really close to. Are you really close to your friend?

is your bff your true bff. Take this quiz and see. is your friend taking advantage of you or she always there for you. When you take this quiz you will find out.

Created by: sarahrocks

  1. Do you go to her house?
  2. how long were you friends?
  3. Are you always calling her/his?
  4. where did you guys first become friends?
  5. do you go places together?
  6. Do you have fun when you hang out with her/him?
  7. what is your friends personality?
  8. if your bored, what do you do?
  9. did you ever have an argument or fight?
  10. what do you do together?

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Quiz topic: Is that my true bff?