There are many Vermonters, but few TRUE Vermonters. True Vermont, after all, is something quite unique. It takes a hard working cultivater, who is quite the smart ass.

Are YOU a TRUE Vermonter? Do you have what it takes to get the job done? Do you know what really goes on in the sticks? Take this quiz and find out! We'll see who REALLY has the brain power to back up the claim of being a REAL Vermonter.

Created by: Heidi
  1. How do you make Maple Syrup?
  2. What is the Vermont State Animal?
  3. What color is your tractor?
  4. What is it the Vermont State bird SHOULD BE?
  5. What time of the year does sap run?
  6. How many sets of tires do you own?
  7. Do you have a tractor?
  8. How do you patch a EXTREMELY muddy road half way through the season?
  9. How do you make hay?
  10. What % of your family reunion do you NOT see on a weekly basis?
  11. What happens in the fall?

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Quiz topic: Am I A TRUE VERMONTER?