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    The person whom you thought about while taking this quiz, is totally jealous of you! Whether it's because of your achievements, your smarts, your looks or your success - they are totally jealous. WARNING: This person may be toxic to be around, so best to steer clear. Cut them out of your life, jealous people are simply insane ... Hang out and associate with people who support you and make you feel good. Most of all - keep doing what you do because you are AWESOME!


    • I was thinking of my younger cousin or younger by a year and it was a yes shes jealous like she doesnt even say Happy birthday at my parties and one of the parties of mine she left right away had know where to go. She didnt even say bye or anything and even my other family members says it sounds like shes jealous of you. She even tries to fight with me in front of people but her mom like friends . I think she was trying to make it so people dont like me idk. If Im around my little cousin and he wants to play with me she gets mad saying I take him away when she can come play with us anytime.


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