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  • Uh judging by the fact that he broke up with me I dont think he likes me. I like what u said in the last question so now im gonna put a quote.. " no matter how corny this sounds. Dont let anyone tell you you ain't beautiful" - Eminem. So true, good luck with all your future writing and.. have a nice day!?

  • there wasnt even one result that said he liked you.. whats with that?? and im confused already if he likes me or not, and the result said maybe. Well now everythings definitly straightened out! i know for certain how hes feeling!! :/ Well, overall the questions were gr8, but ya couldve worked some more on the results.

  • Liked this! To young to be in love... crush maybe. Liked the last Q.:D

  • Uhh thank gawd he doesn't like me. My cuz thinks he does cuz he always txts me but I'm not sure.


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