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  • Hey boo, I know that i have absolutely no idea who you are, but all I have to say is your beautiful inside & out, no matter what ANYBODY says. So what if this stupid quiz says you have no chance at all? Its not accurate. When you think about it, this quiz is just something somebody made up... they have no idea... Ive been where you are, and I know it gets confusing sometimes, but dont give up. Your NOT a failure. Im sure that theres a boy out there DYING to meet you & fall in love with you, you just have to wait. Trust me, It'll all be worth it in the end when you find him.

  • No chance at all...... instantly saw that coming. I'm just a fail at life.... If life had a definition, this is what it would say:

    Life: A game only popular/stupid people can win at. A game that smart people, emos, disabled people, and losers can't win at. A game that AnonymousPromise does not like at all. Just another game to add to AnonymousPromise's FAILURE list (which is over 1,000 pages long)

  • I got he's in love with you. :) Now, I possibly have at least someone who will ask me to my school's upcoming Dance.


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