Is a communication field right for me?

This is a test quiz for our project. I'm not sure it will work, there was no room for the ranking questions. This quiz site sucks, they want me to fill up at least so much room in these paragraphs. LA LA LAL DKANGEIRP VDMKDRG EJAGNDS; GKN KGNRGNRAJKGN NKA;VNKD EKJGTNA;EKTE 44R3 NJ;E TERGT GTE

There's a good possibility that I might have to just copy and paste the copy onto the site, tell them to pretend it's a real quiz, and then we can put the paper one in the folder. I'd love to spend more time on this to write the code myself, but it's been ages since I wrote JAVA and I don't have the time to do this tonight.

Created by: Stacy

  1. Do you enjoy creating visual presentations?
  2. Do you enjoy meeting new people?
  3. Do you enjoy the written word?
  4. Are you comfortable speaking in front of groups?
  5. Do you enjoy using computers?
  6. Do you like to be in the middle of action?
  7. Do you appreciate a good argument?
  8. Are you interested in public issues?
  9. Do you like playing strategy games?
  10. When writing are you more concerned with persuasion or presenting the facts?

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