Irrevocable Love part 2

Ok guys so this is the second part to my first quiz of irrevocable love, which if you didn't know irrevocable means irreversible :) also I got my awesome friend Rebecca to help me with ideas

Thank you all for taking these I promise to work on part 3. Its so much fun making these, especially with a creative master mind like me >:) you guys are awesome for taking this and I will be adding new characters dont get the guys you want I hope part 3 will help you out...have fun taking the quiz as I had making it with my other master mind >:)

Created by: ilovesasuke

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  1. The footsteps get closer and closer you don't know what you're going to do your trying to think of ways to get out of this. Then the person calls out, " Is that who I think it is?" You sigh, " No its not" you start to run, but he grabs your forearm. " And where are you going?" He asks " Shouldn't you be in class?" You hiss back jerking your arm out of his grip. "Shouldn't you be?"
  2. "Well maybe I have reasons, but why aren't you in class?" You ask. "I saw you weren't in class so I slipped out" he replied. "How?" You ask "What do ya mean "how" ?" he replies. Your eyes widen because you don't want to offend him " nothing" his frog green eyes are trying to look through you, but he's about 300 pounds and like about 16 so you worry about his health.
  3. Wolfe and Tala peer around the corner of the bus ramp, spying on you to see if you're alright. Wolfe sighs, "He looks like he's about to eat her." "No kiddin!" Jokes Tala. They both laugh a little trying not to get their cover blown, " That guy can't take a hint can he?" Says Wolfe. " Wanna kick his face in?" Asks Tala
  4. "Yeah" says Wolfe, "but we might need help" Tala looks at him with his emerald glowing eyes pushing his brown/black hair out of the way, "please can we do this just us this time?" Tala begs. "Tala, as you may. know that guy probably wants to eat us right now, we will need back up." Wolfe instructs. "Who do we ask for help though?"
  5. "I have 3 people in mind," says Wolfe. Tala gaps," wouldn't it ruin your rep?" "If it means getting her away from him yes." They go to where they cut class everyday, "Hey yo guys, we kinda need your help." Says Wolfe. "What's the password?" Says one voice coming from the hideout, "you're not gonna make me do it are you?" Says Wolfe. "Yeah we are" says the other voice. Wolfe sighs, "roar I'm a werewolf I'll tear your guts out *sighs* roar roar...roar" Says Wolfe with his head hung. Laughter is coming from the hideout, "ok bro, ok what do ya need?" "I need your help with a stalker." The laughter stops immediately, " is it with ______?" A voice asks. " Yeah it is" says Tala. "Ok we'll help ya out." Then a Sandy blonde haired guy with blue eyes almost like Nathans, then another guy comes out with skin almost as tan as Talas with the same colored eyes. "Now to ask the one who can kill my rep," sighs Wolfe.
  6. Wolfe sighs, "hey Nathan..we uh kinda need your help" "Sure with what?" Says Nathan. "We--" the guy with blue eyes cuts him off "____ is being stalked by him" he points to the stalker. "Dude Wolfe was getting to that you shouldn't interrupt him Connor!" Growls Tala. "Yeah Connor, learn some respect, Talas gonna put you in your place." "You can shut up too Dylan" says Tala to the tan guy. "Yeah I can help what's the plan?" Says Nathan.
  7. "Hey ____ we need to show you something" you hear Connor say taking you away from stalker. " Yeah its really cool" says Dylan as he's looking back winking at the 3 guys. " I thought we told you to stay away from her" growled Nathan, "I don't have to do what you say though" said the stalker. " Well now you're gonna learn your lesson," snarled Wolfe. Then Wolfe transformed into a white wolf with glowing gold eyes and Tala turned into a black wolf with glowing emerald green eyes. Nathans eyes turned from blue to red in an instant. " Thank you guys so much for getting me away from him, he's so annoying, my friend Rebecca calls him a stalker," you say giggling. " Who doesn't?" Laughs Dylan then everyone laughs for a few seconds, then everything dies down a bit. " Do you wanna know something," asks Connor. "Sure," you say, "Well me and Nathan are brothers" "oh that's so cool I never knew that" you say intrigued.
  8. "Do you promise to keep a secret," asks Connor, you nod your head, "me and Nathan, well we're---" "alright you no longer have a stalker ____" says Nathan. "Yay," you say, " I wonder how bad he's been beat." They all 3 turn their heads guilty looking. "....wait how bad did you beat him?" You ask. "He was gonna eat me literally..look at my arm!!" said Tala. " That's inhumane he could never find the- OH MY GOSH HE DID!" you say honestly surprised. There is an awkward silence, "_____ you're soaking wet are you cold," asks Nathan. You nod your head, Nathan gives you his shirt and you notice his ROCK SOLID ABS. His shirt was surprisingly warm, since the first time he touched you was really cold. "Did you guys remember to hide the body," said Nathan they all look at each other in shock. " I'll stay with ____ you guys go ahead before the security finds him," said Nathan.
  9. "_____ can you keep a secret," you nod your head again, "what would you say if.." he says as he's gently pinning you to a tree gazing in your eyes as if they were stars on a clear night," if I were something you weren't supposed to a poison or drug," he said teasingly. "I'd say your crazy and a liar," you say gazing into his eyes as he is yours. " What would you say if I were...a vampire?"
  10. Nathan comes closer to you closing his hands perfectly into yours then....CLIFFHANGER!!! Love you guys bunches :)

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