IQ Test (super easy, funny results

Thee are many people smarter than a first grader. Are you? All you need to do is take this quiz. And maybe know a little math... but you shoud be good.

Ok this quiz is SUPER easy and if you are seven years old or older and get less than 84% I don't know what to day.... Good luck! (Not like ya need it)

Created by: JohnLennonLover
  1. Ok, are you guys ok with this being super easy?
  2. 1+1?
  3. How do you spell ok?
  4. Farmer Todd has 5 sheep. 2 die. How many left?
  5. What fruit starts with "straw" and ends with "berries"?
  6. What is NOT a color?
  7. What does the word ok mean?
  8. What is the first letter of the alphabet?
  9. 5×5? (If you don't know multiplication, take a guess)
  10. Is this the last question?

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