are you funny quiz for everyone

there are a lot of people who are hilarious some who can be funny and those that try so hard to be funny that they simply aren't funny at all so take this quiz to see which category you fall into

do you think your funny? most importantly do your friends think your funny well, take this quiz to find out i hope you enjoy this quiz lol have fun and don't take the results to seriously like if you get a bad result don't give up your dream of being a comedian but try to work a little harder at acheiving that dream

Created by: heeheehee

  1. when you tell a joke your friends?
  2. if you asked your friends if they thought that you were funny they would say...
  3. if you told a joke to a complete stranger who didn't hate you and who didn't love you they would probably
  4. i'm not suggesting you do this but if you told your arch enemy a joke they would most likely...
  5. will you comment(doesn't effect your result at all but i would like it if you comment but if not it's ok :D
  6. will you like this quiz this also does not affect your result at all but i'm just asking lol
  7. was this quiz fun this will not affect your result
  8. will you tell your friends about this quiz
  9. none of these questions mess up your results just trying to get 12 questions
  10. last question which does affect your score if you told your crush a joke they would

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Quiz topic: Am I funny quiz for everyone