total drama quiz, can you get them all right

hello peeps, today's quiz is about total drama. this is a tough, hilarious quiz that will leave you confused for days, but don't take this quiz to harshly, because i cant make quizzes :)

have fun with this quiz, maybe even share a laugh with family and friends, if you find this funny of course. now are you ready to face the stupidest, weirdest and most bizarre quiz you have ever taken in your life.

Created by: Anthony guilaini

  1. which female contestant has showed up in every episode of 2 whole seasons ( it can be in any season )
  2. in what episode of total drama island did Courtney and Duncan have their first kiss
  3. in what episode of total drama world tour did Gwen and Duncan have their fist kiss
  4. who did Noah fall in love with in total drama presents: the ridonculous race
  5. what color was heather's outfit in one million bucks b.c
  6. how many episodes are in the whole series (every season)
  7. who came in 7th place in total drama island
  8. who got eliminated second in total drama presents: the ridonculous race
  9. who almost called Courtney a b---- in total drama world tour ( if you don't remember this I am gonna laugh )
  10. why did Lindsey stick up the middle finger to heather in total drama island, in the episode that's off the chain
  11. how many times did heather deserve to get smacked in this episode ( you better get this right
  12. okay back to reality, what decided Owen's vote in total drama action's finale
  13. how did Lindsey get sent home in total drama action
  14. in total drama action, who said "you really are such a dork" in the episode Dial M for merger
  15. in total drama action, who dressed up as the super aqua chic in the episode super hero ID
  16. last but not least, how do you feel about this quiz

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Quiz topic: Total drama quiz, can I get them all right