Which Rhyme Are You?

There are many rhymes in the world, some funny, some romantic, some happy, some sad, some ironic, some emotional, some dramatic, some just awesome! My results are sure to be quite funny... And totally awesome!!

You might hate the questions, and hate me for making this quiz, but you will LOVE the results! Well, I hope you do... :) :) :) :) X

Created by: Amy X
  1. Pick a number:
  2. Are you gay?
  3. What is your favourite outfit out of these?
  4. Pick a second number!
  5. And another!
  6. Okay, thats enough numbers.... Pick a colour!
  7. Do you prefer the fraise, "You're dumped!" or, "We're over!" ?
  8. Pick another colour!
  9. Hobnobs!!
  10. Like the TOTALLY AWESOME quiz??

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Quiz topic: Which Rhyme am I?