How funny are you?

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There are many funny people in this world it doesn't really matter if your really fun or some boring person. As long as people like you, you are super happy even if you do or don't show it.Take this test to figure it out.

Are you super funny or an average human that likes to be alone or be with friends? If you take this test maybe it will help? So do you think you are funny or someone that is human or average.

Created by: DeadlyDreams

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  1. In class what do you do?
  2. What do you do when you read books?
  3. What kind of jokes do you make?
  4. Is this test fun?
  5. What do you think when I say whale?
  6. How do you act around your friends/parents?
  7. Do you think the test is over?
  8. Do you talk a lot?
  9. When do you think this test will be over?
  10. Do you like pancakes?

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Quiz topic: How funny am I?