Do You Know Tornadorockz

This is a quiz about me, if you even know me. I am a single face in the crowd changing history with funny jokes and great battle tactics in games. If you even care about reading this, i think you found an answer. Unless your to busy just doing the quiz, which it's ok.

This is my first quiz, Please don't judge if you know me, I don't care if you don't know me. Try to figure some stuff out about me while your at it. I'm naturally on and facebook. I just gave you some answers man, take notes on this stuff i'm telling you.

Created by: Tornadorockz
  1. What type of games does Tornadorockz play?
  2. What music does Tornadorockz like?
  3. What food does Tornadorockz dislike?
  4. What does Tornadorockz want to be when he is older?
  5. Have You ever searched Tornadorockz in google?
  6. What gender is Tornadorockz? (I just said it)
  7. What pets doTornadorockz have?
  8. Where does Tornadorockz live?
  9. What kind of person is Tornadorockz?
  10. Where should you find Tornadorockz?

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Quiz topic: Do I Know Tornadorockz

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