Who will be your future girl best friend

What kind of person will be your future female best friend, otherwise known as a FFBF! JK I made that up. She could be any one! A normal nice girl to hang out with and joke around or a creepy physcopath who draws pictures of human beings being cut up and attaches it to other people.....I think. Might throw up.

Anyways, now that I have thrown up because of the images in my mind.... Go figure it out using this quiz or some other quiz, this really doesn't matter. K bye!

Created by: FlingFlongBananaSong

  1. Do you play video games?
  2. How would you describe yourself
  3. How is your humour?
  4. Do you like anime
  5. Let's say your getting your hair dyed. What colour would you most likely dye it out of these
  6. What do you like most out of these?
  7. What do you dislike most out of these?
  8. You're buying clothes. Which colour of shirt do you buy?
  9. Halloween time! What costume do you wear?
  10. Any hobbies?
  11. What's your favourite ship (I don't ship any people but I'm just curious)

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Quiz topic: Who will be my future girl best friend