iPhone vs. Samsung Galaxy which phone suits you?

Have you got big bucks in your pocket? Are you looking for a new phone? Maybe a smatphone? Samsung and iPhone are the two biggest smartphone brands on the market at the moment.

Have you wondered which smartphone brand of the two suits you? Well take this quiz and it may help you out for which phone you should purchase.. Enjoy the quiz.

Created by: Tom
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Would you want a really big screen?
  2. What is more important on a Smartphone?
  3. Who do you think makes better products overall?
  4. What would you do mostly on an aeroplane ride or long bus ride with your phone?
  5. What would you like the most? Awesome gadgets or a great quality camera..?
  6. Would you be willing to pay 700 dollars for your phone?
  7. Which design sounds better?
  8. Who is more ahead technology wise?
  9. How many apps would you want?
  10. iPhone 3GS or Samsung Galaxy S?
  11. Will the phone be for Buisness or Entertainment?
  12. Will the phone be for Buisness or Entertainment?
  13. Are you a student?

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Quiz topic: IPhone vs. Samsung Galaxy which phone suits me?